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Hey! My name is Jasmine Harris. I am an educator, MUVA(mother) of two and a wife, amongst other titles. I started blogging in 2017 but took a break for the past two years or so for a number of reasons. More importantly, I started blogging as a way to clear my mind and ease my anxiety, as anxiety were one of the things I was actively working to overcome during the time I launched my first blog. Secondly, I often walked around day to day with many thoughts, worries and theories in my head that made it difficult to be present in the moment and be aware of 'mindfulness', which is something I deeply value at this point in my life.  Lastly, I have personally gained a ton of insight and support from many other forums with woman. It is fascinating how many woman are out there whom you can relate to, if you're vulnerable enough to share your story.  In an effort to give the universe what it's given me, I too, want to create a safe space where women (and men) can ask questions, dig into curiosity, learn, share and be vulnerable together. 



Jasmine Harris

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